WordPress SIG Handouts and Resources

WordPress SIG

Session Handouts

October 2015

PT Presentation: WordPress site icon api

September 2015

PPT Presentation: WordPress Templates

August 2015

WordPress Backups, Updates, and Security

Kelli Wise: http://pintsizedsites.com/ 

PPT Presentation: WordPress Maintenance

Maintenance Checklist

 July 2015

WordPress Maintenance and Customizing

WordPress Maintenance

Customizing WordPress


Session # 1: Fall 2015: Overview
Session # 2: Fall 2015: Dashboards and WordPress Format
Session # 3: Fall 2015: Images and media
Session # 4: January 2015: Child Themes and CSS
Session # 5: February 2015: Template Basics
Session # 6: March 2015: Nuts and Bolts of WordPress
Session # 7: April 2015:

Which WordPress person one are you?

  • Know nothing?
  • Know enough to be dangerous?
  • Know enough to be afraid?
  • Know enough to be confident?
  • Good stuff beginning with slide 15


Session # 8: May 2015: Making a Survey using WordPressAudit for developing or updating an existing website (From the Meet-Up on 5-20-15)
Word Press Getting Started Tutorial from Undemy
WordPress Meetup and WordCamp Seattle
http://www.meetup.com/South-Sound-WordPress-Meetup/WordCamp Seattle: http://seattle.wordcamp.org/2015-experienced/  
WordPress References
WordPress Anthology
WordPress Themes

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