Windows 365 will be Windows, plus a little bit more

The Windows 365 trademark suggests that a subscription model is on the horizon, but if it’s anything like Office 365, you’ll get more than just the Windows OS for your money.

There’s been rumor and speculation about Microsoft switching the Windows operating system to a subscription-based model since it launched Office 365. When Microsoft unveiled the latest preview build of Windows 10, executives referred to it as Windows-as-a-Service. Now, Microsoft has all but confirmed that some sort of subscription model is coming, since it trademarked Windows 365. Some customers are vehemently opposed, but before you freak out, let’s back up a step and consider what a Windows 365 subscription might entail.

I’ll start by saying that I’m almost positive that there’ll be a subscription-based model for the Windows operating system. I know that doesn’t exactly rank me up there with Nostradamus. The only reason I bother putting that out is because of my next statement: I’m almost positive that you’ll still be able to buy the Windows operating system the old-fashioned way as well. The combination of giving away Windows 10 for the first year and acquiring the Windows 365 trademark is not an indication of some evil conspiracy by Microsoft to force everyone to pay a monthly fee to use Windows.

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Updated: February 25, 2015 — 10:10 pm
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