TAPCUG Linux SIG trys online meetings until Sept…OMUG Linux SIG continues thru summer.

The next TAPCUG Linux SIG meeting is Sep 16, 2014 (3rd Tuesday) 5:30 PM at the SE Tacoma Community Center 1614 99th St E, Tacoma, WA 98445. Note that TAPCUG Linux SIG is on vacation June, July and August 2014 but we will try having meetings online on 3rd Tuesdays starting 7 PM using Google hangouts.
The next OMUG Linux SIG meeting at the Olympia Center is July 8, 2014 7 PM (2nd Tuesday), see http://olymug.org .

Linux was created for the desktop on your computer. Ironically, it has totally dominated everywhere else from supercomputers, to servers and your smart phone but monopolies have so far mostly kept it off computers you can buy until now.

With Windows XP ending April 8, 2014, the failure of Windows 8, the extremely high prices of Apple products which only work with other Apple products and the fact that Linux is so much more secure, it is time to switch to Linux including Linux Mint 16 KDE or a Chromebook. Linux Mint is the number four operating system in the world! Download and try it for free. Install if you like it. You convert easily and save lots of money! A+ Computers sells Linux computers along with other proprietary computers. ARM processor Chromebooks are top sellers at Amazon, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc. for around $200. Also download the Chrome Browser (not Chromium browser) so you can run apps on your Intel processor computer.

ChromeOS, which comes installed on the Chromebook, was primarly designed to work on the internet but people often have the need to work on documents, Emails, etc. offline and there is a way to do that. If you go to
your documents or http://drive.google.com – More – Offline, you can set up to work offline. Many persons are installing a Linux operating system on ARM Chromebooks which gives them the ability to also work offline with all the usual applications such as LibreOffice, etc. and all the associated features we are used to. Bodhi Linux has a new release for ARM Chromebooks Jan 12, 2014 screenshot here. Bodhi Linux handbook is here.

We will review Linux Mint 17 KDE, Kubuntu 14.04, Bodhi 3.0 rc, gsmartcontrol for hard drivesLightbeam,
smart phone comparisons, Gnuradio.org, gpg, putty, hoopla, Tails 1.0, gufw, Google hangout, Uberconference,
Wikitree genealogy, Gedcom files, Gramps genealogy software, Pixel Qi screens, Remastersys and mesh networks,
dual booting Linux on a Windows 8 computer (or just buying a Linux computer), clementine, audacity,
BIOS replacements including UEFI, Coreboot, OpenBios, Plop and flashrom.

Updated: June 14, 2014 — 12:14 am

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