Learn When OneDrive Last Synchronized Your Files & Force A Manual Sync, In Windows 7 & Windows 10

Even though we like the OneDrive service and we use it a lot, there are a few quirks that we have trouble with. One of it is the fact that it is difficult to figure out how to convince OneDrive to manually synchronize your files right now, without waiting for it to discover your newly added files in a couple of minutes. Another quirk is that sometimes you need to know when it performed the last synchronization so that you have an idea whether it has synchronized the latest files you have added or not. Here’s how these things are done in Windows 7 and in Windows 10:

NOTE: If you’re looking for ways to learn when your OneDrive files were last synced and also force a manual sync in Windows 8.1, we already wrote a tutorial. You can find it here: Learn When OneDrive Last Synchronized Your Files & Force a Manual Sync.

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Updated: May 13, 2015 — 2:42 pm

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