Linux SIG: Second Tuesday: On vacation until April, 2017

The OMUG/Oympia GNU/Linux SIG meets on the 2nd Tuesdays
at 6:30 p.m. in the Computer Room at The Olympia Center, 222
Columbia Street NW.

Leader: John Wickliffe

Our format will show you how to use Point & Click GNU/Linux interfaces like Ubuntu.

You’ll feel right at home; you may decide you can’t live without your
own GNU/Linux machine, or you can boot both Windows & Linux. If
you want to know more about the “innards” of GNU/Linux, we’re
learning that, too.
Our goal is to have fun, learn more about GNU/Linux, and in the
process learn to respect all operating systems. Come & see!

TAPCUG Linux SIG is a Tacoma Linux group. They meet at the SE Tacoma Community Center. See details and upcoming Linux meetings at

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