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APCUG – Virtual Technology Conference, February 21

Member-of-APCUG-Square-200-WideAPCUG’s FREE 2015 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) will be held on Saturday, February 21, from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Eastern Daylight time. The sessions are 50 minutes in length and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions via a chat window. Videos from earlier conferences can be found on APCUG’s YouTube channel

This link is where you can view the presenter bios and, after the conference, you can download the handouts and get links to the videos.

Spread the word by forwarding this e-mail to your members. VTCs are a great way for them to expand their technology experience and be introduced to new skills. Below are the sessions that are currently scheduled.

If you would like further information, please send an email to


Windows 10 Demo

Bill James, VP of Operations, Computer Club of Oklahoma City; APCUG Advisor, Region 8

Windows 8 was a hard sell for many people who were very happy with Windows 7 and they are still using Win 7. Windows 10 starts a new conversation about the Windows operating system that desktop and touch-screen end users are sure to appreciate.

Win10 addresses many of the complaints or concerns that occurred with Windows 8. The focus is the desktop which will be the default screen for many users with a revised Start Menu which is similar to the start menu of previous versions of Windows. Bill’s presentation will be about the desktop and pointing out the similarities of Windows 10 with Windows 7 and 8 plus pointing out some of the features that, hopefully, will make it to the final version. Bring your questions for Bill. He has been using Win 10 since its release and has given many demos to his group as well as other groups via Webinar.

Linux Software Superstore

John Kennedy, Training Chair & Linux SIG Co-leader, East Central Ohio Technology Users Club; APCUG Advisor, Regions 6 & 7

John will share information about the wide choices of free software available to the Linux user. He will have examples of software that relates to all the common computer tasks we do on a day to day basis. Attendees will see that running a Linux operating system doesn’t hinder them doing anything. A lot of the software John uses is also available for Windows and even Mac’s.

The Secrets of Making Chrome a Solid Computer

Stew Bottorf, Linux SIG Leader, Tampa Bay Computer Society

Chromebooks, Chromebases and Chromeboxes are for sale everywhere at very favorable prices compared to Windows 8 computers. They are often thought inferior to “real Windows” computers but Chromebooks are perfect for most of our group members. They cannot catch viruses and are always backed up but can they be made productive offline? This presentation shows with proper app selections the Chromebook, Chromebase or Chromebox are real gems that work both online and offline at a fraction of the heavier computer complexity, price, weight and battery power. I value my Chromebook and often use it in place of more complex units sitting on the shelf.

Marketing Your User Group on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, Sabrina Watson

Sabrina Watson, President, Crystal Rivers Computer Users Group; APCUG Advisor, Region 9

We’re all looking for new members for our groups; this presentation will give you some ideas on how to accomplish that using social media.


How Secure is My Device?

Jere Minich, Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society; APCUG Advisor, Region 5

We need to make informed decisions when using any electronic device. Tips for keeping your mobile devices secure and malware free.


Using VMware Player to Create a Virtual Machine

Francis Chao, Member, WINdows ERS, Greater South Bay User Group, and the Tucson Computer Society

This presentation will be a hands-on demo of VMware Player as Francis installs the new Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview program. Some of the reasons for using a Virtual Machine is to be secure when surfing the Internet, downloading programs, trying a new operating system, testing software, etc. and this demo covers three of the reasons: downloading programs, trying a new OS and testing software. VMware Player is the only virtual machine program that communicates reliably with USB devices such as printers, external fax/data modems, and flash drives.


Google Glass

Mark Richards, Corporate IT Application Administrator for Range Resources, Oklahoma

Although interest in Glass has cooled over the last year, Mark remains a strong supporter of the technology. His presentation will be an overview of Glass and some of its potentials. It is a wearable, voice-controlled Android device that resembles a pair of eyeglasses and displays information directly in the user’s field of vision. If it doesn’t go forward, the technology is there to be used in other cutting-edge products.


​Judy Taylour, Chair
Virtual Technology Committee

Rest Stop Event Canceled for 2014

We have decided to cancel the Rest Stop Event for 2014. We just didn’t have enough people power to cover the full weekend. Thanks so much for offering to help !

Waiting until the las minute to cancel would be unfair to the cookie bakers, to Fred who is in charge of buying all the supplies, to everyone involved who may wish to make other plans for that weekend and to the Washington State Dept. of Transportation which will probably be able to find a back-up group to sponsor their own event.

Perhaps we can take another run at this next year; or at least rethink if we want to do it at all.

Noral Baughman

APCUG – Notice of 2014 Annual Meeting

Notice To All Member Groups (OMUG is a member Group)

 The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) will hold it’s 2014 Annual Meeting on Saturday May 3rd. The online meeting will start at 4:00 PM Eastern Time and is being held in conjunction with our 2014 Spring Virtual Technology Conference. Reports about your organization will be presented for your benefit. All member groups are urged to attend.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, you will also be registered to take part in the 2014 Spring Virtual Technology Conference, where you will be able to attend presentations on subjects like Photoshop Elements, Printers and printing, Windows 8.1 and more, given by leaders in the user group community. For more information on the conference, please click here.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

David Steward

Secretary, APCUG

OMUG Linux SIG Tuesday May 13th

We are covering the basics of Linux for those who would like to know how to use the Linux desktop to do thing like email, browsing, document creation … , and for those who want to see how to find help for commands that you might use to do directory listing find files, use text editors that work like notepad.

  • the things you need to know to replace XP as it quits working.
  • making script files that are like dos batch files. (.bat)
  • and where the programs are located in the Menu (like the start button in windows)
  • the SIG is at the community centre at 7:00pm.
  • We can show you Zorin7 that is arranged like XP desktop.


John Wickliffe

Windows SIG begins this month

Starting tomorrow (February 6) at 7:00 PM the Windows SIG will restart.  Bring your questions and answers.  We will cover Windows XP through Win 8.  Also, any other computer questions/discussions are welcome.  As a group we usually are either able to answer a question or at least provide some direction.

We will meet on the first Thursday of each month from 7 – 10 PM in room 206 of the Olympia Center.  The address is:  222 Columbia St NW.

Gary Bigger

Tuesday, Nov 26:Lunch Bunch at 11:30

Don’t forget Tuesday at 11:30 is Lunch Bunch.  We meet the 4th Tuesday every month at the El Sharape Mexican restaurant.  The address is 1200 Cooper Point Road.  Discussion is open to any subject.  It does not have to be computer related.  Just eat and talk.  See you there.

There will be no Lunch Bunch in December.

Don’t forget our Holiday Party on December 12.

 OMUG Annual Holiday Dinner

Save the Date !

OMUG Annual Holiday Dinner is December 12,

 5:30 pm.

The dinner will be at Izzy’s and Eileen McKenzie-Sullivan will be entertaining us again this year with music and songs.

This is a fun event you do not want to miss.

The sign up sheet is listed below:

Sign up here


APCUG Virtual Technology Conference – November 2 @ 1 PM ET

1.     Virtual Technology Conference – November 2 @ 1 PM ET. SAVE THE DATE for Member-of-APCUG-Square-200-Wideanother opportunity to attend a free VTC from the comfort of your home. Plan a group event – get a few members together to watch and learn from the presentations. Don’t forget to give a report on what you learned at your next user group meeting.




2.     Another successful Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held on August 3. We had almost 100 attendees use Adobe Connect for the first time and the webinar service received rave reviews from the majority of the attendees.

Has your group used a VTC presentation at a meeting? Many groups are; they come in quite handy when you find, at the last minute, that your speaker can’t be there or even when you unexpectedly have a no show. You will find the latest VTC videos on APCUG’s YouTube channel

There are also links from / Benefits / Virtual Conferences plus a copy of the presentation PPT and/or handout. The videos can be played back in HD video (depending on your bandwidth) and full screen. Use the controls at the bottom right corner of the video when you play them.

We have been asked about how to download YouTube videos since some groups don’t have a fast Internet connection or any access at all. Jim Evans posted information for Firefox and Chrome on APCUG’s website at

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