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Get the ISO you need to create your own Windows 8.1 DVD

Chances are good that you have been to the Windows Store recently and have seen the Windows 8.1 download screen, shown in Figure A. If you read Microsoft’s detailed instructions and then downloaded the update, then you know that this operation performs what is essentially an in-place upgrade. In other words you download and run the update just like you would a Service Pack from Windows Update and there is no opportunity to download an ISO or order a DVD. If you have just one Windows 8 system, then this upgrade procedure is no problem at all. But what if you have two or more Windows 8 systems? Do you really want to sit and wait while the online update runs multiple times? I didn’t think so.

Do More With Siri Using The New iOS 7 Siri Commands

If you find yourself fumbling with your iPhone to make a simple phone call, locate and launch an app, set a reminder or wake-up alarm then you’re probably not using Siri enough. If you still don’t know about Siri or you’re new to the iPhone or iPad, Siri allows you to issue voice commands on your device, saving you the trouble of all the tapping, typing, and searching by hand.

Siri was first introduced with iOS 5, back in 2010. We have covered what you can do with Siri, from calling people and making restaurant reservations to dictating messages and notes using the voice to text feature. In this article I highlight some of the new commands in the iOS 7 version of Siri, as well as suggest some tips for getting the most out of the feature.

10 best features of Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 (aka Saucy Salamander) is about to hit the streets, but not without much controversy and drama following behind in its wake. In fact, never before has their been a distribution release so mired in upset. Beginning with the choice to move away from the Wayland X server to a Ubuntu-specific Mir server to the inclusion of Smart Scopes, Ubuntu 13.10 couldn’t catch a break. However, after using the release candidate for a while now, I’m here to say Ubuntu 13.10 enjoys more polish than any current Linux release. Outside of the many bug fixes and updates, I can give you ten reasons to like the latest version.

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Five free alternative web browsers for Windows

Considering that the World Wide Web is such an important part of our lives, using the right browser to service our needs is one of the most important components for using the Internet. Aside from the standard fare of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, there are other alternative web browsers that deserve a fair look. Some of them are based on pre-existing major browser projects like Chromium, while others strive for a purist “from scratch” approach. For the Windows platform, here are five solid alternative choices to the browser scene.

Dinosaur Sightings: Computers from the 1970s

This is a great visual display of the photos of old computers.  You’ve got to go to the link (at the bottom of this post) and look through them all…

Also visit:

MSAI 8080

During the disco days of the 1970s, personal computers moved out of the electronic hobbyist’s garage or basement and into the office, classroom, and family den. This gallery showcases several 1970-era machines from Steven Stengel’s vintage computer collection. Steven has graciously allowed us to republish his photos and descriptions. You can find a much more detailed description of each machine and additional photos of Steven’s collection on his Web site

MSAI 8080

Built by IMS Associates, Inc. of San Leandro, California, the IMSAI 8080 is one of the first consumer computers available.

Windows Update: Everything You Need To Know

Is Windows Update enabled on your PC? If you don’t know the answer to that, you should — Windows Update keeps Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes, ensuring your computer is as secure as possible. However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.

While Windows Update can be obnoxious, it keeps your computer secure and is well worth using. It can also be made less obnoxious with a few quick settings changes.

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How to restore a Windows XP Backup in Win 8.

How to restore a Windows XP Backup in Win8.

“If you are using Windows XP and regularly backup your data to an external hard disk using Windows XP’s Backup Utility, chances are that you imagined that when it was time to move to a new Windows 8 computer, you would simply restore your backup into the new operating system. Or maybe you have found yourself with a completely dead Windows XP computer and all you have left is your trusty external hard disk containing a recent backup created with Windows XP’s Backup Utility.

Regardless of your situation, you will not be happy to learn that Windows 8’s backup and restore tools are completely different from the Backup Utility that came with Windows XP and as such the backup files are incompatible. You’ll also not be happy to learn that while Microsoft provided supplemental utilities that were designed to allow you to restore a Windows XP backup in Windows Vista and for Windows 7; they haven’t done so for Windows 8. And, to add insult to injury, neither of the previous supplemental utilities will work in Windows 8.

Fortunately, you will be very happy to learn there’s a way that you can make Windows XP’s Backup Utility run in Windows 8. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a regular basis, but this technique works perfectly fine to restore a Windows XP backup in Windows 8.

In this article, I’ll show you how to get Windows XP’s Backup Utility to run in Windows 8. I’ll then walk you through a restore operation and pass along some pointers as I do.”

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Bill Proffitt

Screen Shots

OMUG General Meeting: October 10 @ 7 pm

We were scheduled to have Bill Proffitt do a demo in Win 8 Upgrade installation.  Unfortunately Bill will be unable to attend.  So……………. I will conduct the demonstration.

I have installed WIN 7 Pro on my laptop just for this program.

Vince Hughes has indicated he will bring his XP machine.  We have an opportunity to help anyone else who has ordered the Win 8 Upgrade and would like to try the installation.

I have also installed and activate the upgrade onto a new H/D that contained NO prior O/S.  We will walk through this process.

Please come and meet your OMUG friends.


Five free tools to aid in graphic design

In conjunction with your favorite editor these tools will go a long way to help extend your capabilities and offerings.

When you think of graphic design, you generally think of Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, and other bitmap and vector image editing software. But most designers have more than just the standard tools in their arsenal. Whether it’s a tool to aid in the selection of a color scheme, batch processing tools, or font tools etc. – there’s always yet another tool to aid in your quest to create the perfect design. And these tools aren’t just for the hard-core designers. Anyone can add secondary tools to their ever-growing graphics toolkit – but which tool is best suited for you?

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