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July 10, 2014: Staples Presentation

Our July meeting is Thursday, July 10 at 7 pm. 

Back up, backup your data. 

How many times have you been warned that you WILL need your data backed up or lose it sometime? 

All those precious pictures and important documents, lost.

The “Cloud” is fine, but what if I want to have my data and my computer system backed up.

What devices are available to help me decide what I need?  Flash drives, hard drives, etc, etc.

Two representatives from Staples will be presenting some of the devices available and able to answer your backup questions at the July 10th OMUG meeting.

The meeting will begin at 7 PM sharp. 

Come and mingle at 6:30 pm, Thursday, July 10th.

Maps: 15 apps that take you beyond Google and Apple

Open Street Map is an open source map of the world, created and amended by people all over the planet. It emphasizes local knowledge, so if you’re in a city and know of a new route or location, you can feel free to add it. There are many types of contributors, from mapping enthusiasts, to professionals, to humanitarians that help add things during disasters. The map shown here was listed as a great example of a community-made map of Pompeii, Italy.

Image: Open Street Map

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6 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office Without Paying For It

Microsoft Office remains the gold standard in office applications. Sure, Office alternatives exist, but Microsoft’s file formats dominate. People with access to Office tend to have an easier time than those who lack it, because while alternatives like LibreOffice can export to .doc or .xls, the formatting isn’t 100% compatible.

Still, many people flinch at buying Office because it’s expensive. A home version is $99, which is significant to most consumers. There are a few ways to dodge to the retail price and use Office for free, however – within limits.

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4 Ways to Learn the MAC Address in Windows 7 & Windows 8.1

There are cases when you need to learn the MAC address of your Windows computer or device. To help you in those scenarios, we are sharing 4 methods that you can use to learn this information. Some of them are quick while others require quite a bit of clicking. Read this guide and then use the method that works best for you.

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5 Ways Overzealous Cleaning Can Break Windows

It’s easy to go overboard with cleaning your PC. All you really need to do is runCCleaner or the Disk Cleanup tool included in Windows to delete useless files and free up disk space once in a while. If you’re cleaning your PC in other ways, be sure you know what you’re getting into — it’s easy to break something.

Lots of other tips here:

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Why Your Router Is A Security Risk & How To Fix It

The introduction of the home router was a great advancement in security for many owners. Before routers, most PC users relied only on a software firewall or, more often than not, ran no firewall at all. Routers with built-in firewalls have generally been a very good thing.

An item that provides safety can also lead to a false sense of security, however, and leave users vulnerable when attacks that they thought impossible occur. Routers are no different. They can be difficult to set up and often require updates to patch exploits discovered after release. Here’s what you must do to make your router is a boon instead of a burden.

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Pro tip: Completing the Windows 8.1 Update procedure

As you know, on April 8th, the same day that Windows XP died, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update. While the update primarily appears to be geared to making the operating system easier to use with a mouse, it also includes some security and performance updates. Furthermore, Microsoft is requiring that you install this update in order to receive any future updates for Windows 8.1.

Unlike the update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, which came from the Windows Store, the Windows 8.1 Update comes from the Windows Update system. As such, chances are pretty good that your Windows 8.1 system already has a reference to Windows 8.1 Update in Windows Update system. In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update procedure.

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Heartbleed Bug

  • Heartbleed – What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability is making headlines around the world – and misreporting in the press and online is causing confusion. How can you stay safe and ensue your personal details aren’t leaked?

What Is Heartbleed? Well, It’s Not A Virus

You’ve probably heard Heartbleed described as a virus. This isn’t the case: in fact, it is a weakness, a vulnerability in servers running OpenSSL. This is the open source implementation of SSL and TLS, the protocols used for secure connections – those that begin https:// rather than the usual http://.

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability is making headlines around the world – and misreporting in the press and online is causing confusion. How can you stay safe and ensue your personal details aren’t leaked?

  • The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

  • This article is excellent. it lists the programs affected by the Heartbleed-Bug, and the ones that need password changes.

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