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Facebook Tip: Share Files with Friends & Colleagues

Facebook is great for sharing pictures, staying in touch with family, and finding old high school friends, but it can also be a productivity tool. While the messaging service is convenient, on often overlooked feature is the ability to share files with friends and colleagues.

Facebook File Sharing Feature

The process of sharing files with others is simple, once you know where to look, and there is a couple ways to do it. Open the chat box with the friend you want to share files with.

Then, click the options button (gear icon) at the upper-right corner of the chat window and select Add Files.

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Security On Facebook: The First Steps In Having A Safe & Pleasant Experience

Nowadays it seems like nearly everyone is on Facebook. It’s a great way to connect with your friends and family, get in touch with people from your past, and share what’s happening in your life. But it’s also a place where your personal information can get stolen, your computer infected, and your friends’ computers and information compromised as well. Wherever people gather in cyberspace these days, cyber bad guys gather as well. Even though the Facebook interface changes frequently and they keep trying to make it safer, it’s still all too easy to give out information you should have kept private. In this article we’ll talk about the most important ways to set your Facebook account to keep away the bad guys. In the next article we’ll go into other Facebook settings that will help safeguard your privacy.

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Security On Facebook: The Advanced Steps For Having A Safe & Pleasant Experience

In the previous article I discussed the primary ways you can secure your Facebook account. In this article I’ll talk about several additional settings you can (and should) tweak to make even more sure you’re safe while you post and read. You will learn how to post on Facebook in a private manner, block people you don’t want to interact with and choose who can look you up on Facebook. There’s plenty of ground to cover so let’s get started:

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How To Use The Skype For Windows Desktop App

With the upcoming release of Windows 10, Microsoft has announced that it will be abandoning the development of the modern app version of Skype. The general idea is the attempt to simplify user experience with the help of a unified VoIP application that works both on touch based devices and regular mouse and keyboard ones. It has also been stated that, after July 7, all users who will try to open the touch app on Windows 8 or 8.1 will be asked to switch to the desktop version. Therefore, in order to help you easily migrate between the two applications, we have decided to create a series of articles that will show you how to easily use the Skype for desktop app. In this tutorial, we will try to help you understand the main user interface elements of the desktop version so that you can continue to stay in touch with your friends, family and co-workers without any kind of problems.

NOTE: You can use Skype for desktop if you are logged in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 with your Microsoft account or with your regular Skype account. If you would like to learn more about Microsoft accounts, read this guide: Simple Questions: What is a Windows Live ID or a Microsoft account?.

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Upcoming Google+ Hangout on Tuesday June 16, 2015 7 PM

TAPCUG Linux SIG has traditionally been on vacation June, July and August but in June we have traditionally had a virtual meeting online. This year the Google+ Hangout on Tuesday June 16, 2015 7 PM. Over the years virtual meeting technology has greatly improved. The event is embedded into the html at . I’m also working on another event using this technology where we will be streaming from a wifi hot spot on a Samsung ARM Chromebook. At this event I’ll be using a Logitech C310 usb webcam because the video is a little better and a Logitech H390 usb headset to prevent unwanted noise.

To learn this I watched a video on creating an event here and embedding into a web page here.

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WP Comment Moderation for Beginners

WordPress comes with a built-in comment system that allows for community interaction around your content. In this beginner’s guide, we will show you how to moderate comments in WordPress, deal with comment spam, and everything related to comments.

What are Comments?

Recently while teaching a WordPress class, we found that several users who had been using WordPress for more than 6 months still did not know what was the purpose of comments, where were they coming from, and what should they do with them.

Comments allow your website visitors to communicate with you and other readers. They can add their input on a specific article that you had written, ask questions, and provide feedback.

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Five Facebook Threats

Do you remember how life was without Facebook? Probably not. The site has pervaded our lives and it is no surprise that Facebook is now prime hunting ground for anyone with nefarious intentions.

They employ stealth and cunning, like a predator stalking its prey, looking for the slightest weakness to pounce on you. By simply visiting Facebook, you potentially expose yourself to viruses and malware. Criminals can make you take some unintended action, steal your data, spy on you or “enslave” your PC for their own illegal ends such as launching DDOS attacks.

We take you through some of these Facebook threats and outline the precautions you should take to avoid becoming another statistic of cyber crime.

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WordPress SIG

Your board has approved my desire to start a WordPress SIG.

The first SIG meeting is scheduled for August 21  (third Thursday) in room 205 at 7 pm.

This will be a basic introduction to developing a WordPress SIG, with handouts and tailored to the needs of those who attend.

Pat Sonnenstuhl, your webmaster will facilitate our interaction. If you are interested, let her know:

Focus! 4 Best Tools To Temporarily Block Facebook & Co

Don’t let social media take over and dictate your life. You’re worth more than that.

At best, you might describe it as a compulsive distraction. At worst, it may be a full-blown addiction – a problem that can be symptomatic of deeper issues, such asInternet addictionsmartphone addiction, and more. When you find yourself lacking in digital willpower, sometimes the answer is to block the distractions altogether.

Fortunately, you are neither the first nor the only one to suffer from this ailment. Many tools have been developed to combat it and most of them are freely available. Here are some of the better ones that we’ve used.

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