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How To Import Pictures & Videos From A Camera Using Photo Gallery

If you are the type of person that always has his camera ready for that perfect candid photo, Photo Gallery may become one of your favorite tools. It allows you to import and arrange your photos, do minor edits and share them with friends. It even has some advanced functions that allow you to combine multiple photos in interesting ways. However, in this tutorial, we will first demonstrate how to use Photo Gallery to import pictures and videos to your Windows computers and devices, from just about any digital device: digital cameras, smartphones and memory cards.

NOTE: It’s worth nothing that while most of this tutorial deals with images, Photo Gallery can handle importing videos as well as photos. You can use this application to import pictures and videos from all kinds of devices, not only digital cameras. The procedures detailed in this guide apply also to smartphones and memory cards.

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The Best 5 Free Alternatives To Microsoft’s Paint

Who doesn’t know what Paint is? It has been around since you had your first Windows computer and all those years didn’t bring that many major changes to this application. Maybe you have some great memories about using it, but we think it’s time to try something new and better. In this article we will share 5 free alternatives to Microsoft’s Paint. They won’t be real competitors to Adobe Photoshop for example, but they sure are more powerful than Paint is and you can do more with them. Let’s get started:

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