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Windows 8 Upgrade ALERT

For those members who received the Windows 8 upgrade there is a possible problem.  I just discovered that due to our Volume License we are unable to do a normal update to Windows 8.1.  It may take another installation disk to accomplish the update.  I am trying to contact M/S to clarify how we proceed.

So, if you have not yet installed the Win 8 upgrade, please hold off untill I get a resolution.  If you have done the installation, do not try to find the 8.1 update.

I will get back as soon as I have some more definite answers.

Gary Bigger

APCUG – Reports, 4th Qtr. Issue, Region 11

Hello to Region 11 Officers,

The 4th Quarter issue of Reports is attached. Please feel free to share it with your board and members.

You will find many articles of interest on what is happening with APCUG as well as program and SIG ideas, a list of reasons that may answer the question – why should I volunteer to help and much more.

Make sure you read Gabe Goldberg’s General Topics, Tips, Advice in his Region 2 report. You will end up with a lot of ideas for your group.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to sign up on APCUG’s new website, Hewie Poplock has included a lot of information about how to set up an account as well as some tips for writing for the website.

Also, both Greg West and Hewie Poplock write about using meetup for your meetings and Bill James writes about the end of support for the beloved XP operating system.

You will also find Reports online @

Judy Taylour, Advisor
Region 11

A look at some Microsoft Windows 8.1 highlights

As of October 17, 2013, Microsoft Windows 8.1 is available as a downloadable update for Windows 8 users. The retail box version of the operating system hit the market on October 18, 2013. For those of us using Windows 8, the new features and subtle changes of 8.1 are very welcome. I can say unequivocally, if you have a computer running Windows 8, you want to upgrade to 8.1.


This article is also available as a TechRepublic Screenshot Gallery.

Before you begin your download

I know you will be tempted to start your Windows 8.1 download right away, but there are few things to do in preparation before you begin the process:

  • Make sure you have updated your copy of Windows 8 by running Windows Update.
  • Make sure you are logged in as the account administrator.
  • Make sure you have allocated a couple of hours to the project – it will likely take less time than that, but you can never be sure.
  • Just to be safe, you might have you activation code for Windows 8 close by.
  • Complete article

Five Apps: Tools to enhance Google Earth

Google Earth has evolved from being a mere curiosity to being a tool that is commonly used in business. Google Earth has been used for everything from plotting demographic data to video production. Not surprisingly, there are a number of add-ons available for this highly versatile tool. This article discusses five such add-ons.

Windows Update: Everything You Need To Know

Is Windows Update enabled on your PC? If you don’t know the answer to that, you should — Windows Update keeps Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office up-to-date with the latest security patches and bug fixes, ensuring your computer is as secure as possible. However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.

While Windows Update can be obnoxious, it keeps your computer secure and is well worth using. It can also be made less obnoxious with a few quick settings changes.

Complete article with images to explain.

APCUG Virtual Technology Conference – November 2 @ 1 PM ET

1.     Virtual Technology Conference – November 2 @ 1 PM ET. SAVE THE DATE for Member-of-APCUG-Square-200-Wideanother opportunity to attend a free VTC from the comfort of your home. Plan a group event – get a few members together to watch and learn from the presentations. Don’t forget to give a report on what you learned at your next user group meeting.




2.     Another successful Virtual Technology Conference (VTC) was held on August 3. We had almost 100 attendees use Adobe Connect for the first time and the webinar service received rave reviews from the majority of the attendees.

Has your group used a VTC presentation at a meeting? Many groups are; they come in quite handy when you find, at the last minute, that your speaker can’t be there or even when you unexpectedly have a no show. You will find the latest VTC videos on APCUG’s YouTube channel

There are also links from / Benefits / Virtual Conferences plus a copy of the presentation PPT and/or handout. The videos can be played back in HD video (depending on your bandwidth) and full screen. Use the controls at the bottom right corner of the video when you play them.

We have been asked about how to download YouTube videos since some groups don’t have a fast Internet connection or any access at all. Jim Evans posted information for Firefox and Chrome on APCUG’s website at

How to restore a Windows XP Backup in Win 8.

How to restore a Windows XP Backup in Win8.

“If you are using Windows XP and regularly backup your data to an external hard disk using Windows XP’s Backup Utility, chances are that you imagined that when it was time to move to a new Windows 8 computer, you would simply restore your backup into the new operating system. Or maybe you have found yourself with a completely dead Windows XP computer and all you have left is your trusty external hard disk containing a recent backup created with Windows XP’s Backup Utility.

Regardless of your situation, you will not be happy to learn that Windows 8’s backup and restore tools are completely different from the Backup Utility that came with Windows XP and as such the backup files are incompatible. You’ll also not be happy to learn that while Microsoft provided supplemental utilities that were designed to allow you to restore a Windows XP backup in Windows Vista and for Windows 7; they haven’t done so for Windows 8. And, to add insult to injury, neither of the previous supplemental utilities will work in Windows 8.

Fortunately, you will be very happy to learn there’s a way that you can make Windows XP’s Backup Utility run in Windows 8. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend using it on a regular basis, but this technique works perfectly fine to restore a Windows XP backup in Windows 8.

In this article, I’ll show you how to get Windows XP’s Backup Utility to run in Windows 8. I’ll then walk you through a restore operation and pass along some pointers as I do.”

More at link….

Bill Proffitt

Screen Shots

OMUG General Meeting: October 10 @ 7 pm

We were scheduled to have Bill Proffitt do a demo in Win 8 Upgrade installation.  Unfortunately Bill will be unable to attend.  So……………. I will conduct the demonstration.

I have installed WIN 7 Pro on my laptop just for this program.

Vince Hughes has indicated he will bring his XP machine.  We have an opportunity to help anyone else who has ordered the Win 8 Upgrade and would like to try the installation.

I have also installed and activate the upgrade onto a new H/D that contained NO prior O/S.  We will walk through this process.

Please come and meet your OMUG friends.


OMUG 2018