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The big advantage of the Chromebook over Windows, Macs

Talk mobile and you’ll stir up a hornet’s nest. There are many options and those who are enthusiastic about each of them, and they will let you know that their solution is “best.” That’s probably true for them, but we each have our own needs and preferences so there is no one best solution for everyone.

I get the “mine is better than yours” attitude all the time, especially when I discuss the Chromebook. There are a lot of folks who believe that the lightweight Chrome OS is not as good as OS X or Windows. They need, or perhaps merely want, a full OS that can handle everything. Others want to have a big, honking OS around just in case they need it.

I understand that, I use both Windows and Macs, too. But every time I head out for the day with my Chromebook in tow I am impressed with how well it works for me.

I work, you might even say I live, in the Chrome browser all day. It doesn’t matter what OS is running behind the web pages, it’s Chrome front and center.

This is why the Chromebook works so well for me. The lack of a “real” OS as the engine behind the Chrome browser is actually a good thing for me. My Chromebook runs Chrome faster, smoother, and without hiccups, better than my fast Macs and Windows PCs. I can still do lots of “PC” activities in Chrome; with web apps it’s much more than a browser. But the pure browser experience is excellent on a Chromebook.


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The future of computing has a name: Chromebook

Jack Wallen tackles the enigma of enigmas, otherwise known as the Chromebook. Do you think the Chromebook is the future of computing?

Over the last few months, I’ve been searching for the ultimate ultrabook. My current laptop has lived a solid, productive life (Sony Vaio running Ubuntu 13.10), but its teeth are long and brittle, and it has the gout. So, I’ve been on the quest for something smaller, more powerful, and easy to use.


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9 Reasons Why The OneDrive Website Is Awesome

One of the best features of OneDrive is that you can download and install it on any sort of device you might have. There are applications for computers with all kinds of operating systems, apps for mobile devices and even an app that is built into Windows 8.1. But, did you know that, in order to experience all of the best features that OneDrive has to offer, you don’t really need to install anything? The web interface is a great way to experience OneDrive and in this article we will share the reasons why this is the case.

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Should You Buy The Bigger iPhone 6 Plus?

If the iPhone’s traditionally smaller screen size has been stopping you from jumping aboard the iOS train, the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus each offer considerably more to look at, and a few other benefits.

The term “phablet” very much applies to Apple’s larger model, but there’s more to it than just a bigger screen. Here’s everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

It’s Bigger, Much Bigger

You might be of the opinion that existing iPhones are big enough. Even if you areunhappy with the 4 inches of Retina vision provided in the 5S, there’s a good chance the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will satisfy your needs. After all, even it runs at a higher resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels.

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Five apps to get your new Android device off on the right foot

You finally purchased that new Android device you’ve had your eye on. Now it stares back at you, waiting for you to give it a task. You’ve connected it to your Google Account, so all your Gmail messages, Google Calendar items, and Contacts are in sync. Where do you go from here?

Naturally, that depends upon the intended use of the device. But certain applications will come in handy no matter how you plan to use the device. Here are five tools that should be among the first you install. These applications range in scope, but each offers a solid solution to help you get your work done.

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Hidden smartphone setting maps your every move

SEATTLE — It’s supposed to provide iPhone users the ability to see where they’ve been, but a hidden setting could also allow someone with access to the device see where the user has been and map their movements.

It’s called “locations services,” and many applications use it to provide location-based information for various iPhone apps.

Customers with concerns about a phone recording and even broadcasting their location have learned to turn off location services for particular applications except those needed to enable mapping programs and security measures. 

Those actions do not disable a deeper setting in the Apple IOS 7 mobile operating system which tracks a user’s frequent locations. If the wrong person got his hands on that device and was able to access it, he can easily learn the daily habits of the phone’s owner.

Students at the University of Washington volunteered their phones to see how easy it can be to see where the device has been. The frequent locations setting creates a map, and tapping on a specific locations reveals the dates and times of a particular visit and even how long you were there.

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Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? Here’s The iPhone Battery Fix!

I’m going to tell you exactly why your iPhone battery drains so quickly and exactly how to fix it. I’ll explain how you can get longer battery life out of your iPhone without sacrificing functionality! I don’t believe anyone should have to turn off every feature that makes the iPhone so enjoyable to use.

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Maps: 15 apps that take you beyond Google and Apple

Open Street Map is an open source map of the world, created and amended by people all over the planet. It emphasizes local knowledge, so if you’re in a city and know of a new route or location, you can feel free to add it. There are many types of contributors, from mapping enthusiasts, to professionals, to humanitarians that help add things during disasters. The map shown here was listed as a great example of a community-made map of Pompeii, Italy.

Image: Open Street Map

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5 Ways Overzealous Cleaning Can Break Windows

It’s easy to go overboard with cleaning your PC. All you really need to do is runCCleaner or the Disk Cleanup tool included in Windows to delete useless files and free up disk space once in a while. If you’re cleaning your PC in other ways, be sure you know what you’re getting into — it’s easy to break something.

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