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Free Toolbar Cleaner & Remover Tools for your browsers

We have already seen how to manually uninstall some toolbars which may have got installed on your Internet ExplorerChromeFirefoxOpera or other browsers. While in most cases it may be possible to uninstall them via the Control Panel or the respective browsers’ Add-ons Manager, in some cases, it may not be possible and you may have to use some tools to remove such persistent toolbars.

Some toolbars which are difficult to remove are Ask toolbar, Babylon toolbar, AVG SecureSearch, SiteSafety, MyFree toolbar, C duit toolbar, ZXY toolbar, Anonymization toolbar, GameNext toolbar, MPire toolbar, MyWebSearch toolbar, NetCraft toolbar, People Searchtoolbar, Public Record toolbar, Zango toolbar, Elite toolbar, etc. The list is endless, with many wanting to push toolbars for various reasons. It could be for making money with every install, for pushing pop-ups or for tracking down your computer usage.

In this post we will see some free Toolbar Removers that may help you with the job.

Evernote: Remember Everything


Evernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters.

Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper

From interests to research, save anything you see online—including text, links and images—into your Evernote account with a single click.

Review: Dashlane is a robust password manager with a gorgeous interface

A password manager is a must. Unless you’re using the same password for everything (not recommended) or have a truly phenomenal memory, your productivity can benefit from a place to store all your passwords and easily use them whenever necessary. There are several strong players in this field, such as LastPass and KeePass. Dashlane (free for basic version, $20/year for Premium) aims to take on both.

Dashlane is a robust password manager with additional room for your various IDs, credit cards and other payment methods, receipts, and notes. It comes with an auto-fill feature for online forms to which you can add different addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information you’re tired of typing repeatedly. There are two features that make Dashlane stand out when compared to both LastPass and KeePass: Its beautiful and easy-to-use interface, and its optional cloud syncing.

How to Create eBooks from Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is a great source for all kinds of interesting information. In addition to reading articles online, you can also create custom eBooks out of Wikipedia articles that you can read on your mobile device without a data or Wi-Fi connection.

To create an eBook out of Wikipedia articles, find an article that interests you and click the Print/export link in the list of options on the left.

Photo memories of 18 first computers

Franklin Ace 2000 series

We asked TechRepublic members (via our Forums and our Facebook page) if they remembered their first computers. Many do, and quite fondly. Here is a photo walk down memory lane, featuring comments from members about their first computers. (All photos are from

TechRepublic member Tink! shares this memory about the Franklin Ace 2000: “I was 5 years old and it was the family computer. My dad taught me how to do simple math calculations on it and I learned how to type using a 5” floppy disk game called MasterType. (When I say “type” I mean real “touch typing”. I was typing 60-90 wpm by the time I was in grade school.)”

Here they are

Nifty Password Program

I have discovered a new program that will save all of your log in and passwords, and then sync with all of your devices.

It’s free to download, but if you want the sync feature it’s $30/year.

So, if you just need it for your main computer, it would be free.

So far it seems to be working well…pretty intuitive.

Here is the link:

Pat Sonnenstuhl, webmaster

Website Design and Maintenance

Five Apps: Tools to help CIOs manage IT

The role of the CIO is generally a non-technical one. Sure, they should be comfortable with technology and perhaps even have some background in IT, but it’s not a requirement. Instead, CIOs are the interface between IT and management; the advocate for the IT department to ensure the essential projects get approved – and sometimes even the fun ones. Because of this relationship, CIOs are often called upon to perform the non-technical tasks required to keep an IT department operating; things like Requirements Management, Project Management, IT Portfolio Management, and Enterprise Architecture / Business Strategic Management. And in those cases when there is another person on the IT staff who is able to perform some or all of these functions, they still work closely with the CIO – especially when it comes to Strategic Management.

For this edition of Five Apps, we take a look at five tools to help a CIO manage their IT department’s business interaction.

More information:

Five free alternative web browsers for Windows

Considering that the World Wide Web is such an important part of our lives, using the right browser to service our needs is one of the most important components for using the Internet. Aside from the standard fare of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, there are other alternative web browsers that deserve a fair look. Some of them are based on pre-existing major browser projects like Chromium, while others strive for a purist “from scratch” approach. For the Windows platform, here are five solid alternative choices to the browser scene.

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