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Seven ways to sort and view Outlook email by accounts

Most users manage more than one e-mail account. Outlook 2010 and 2013 automatically create individual folders for each account. If you’re still using Outlook 2007 or earlier, you can simulate this convenience, but you’ll have to set it up yourself. In this article, I’ll show you seven ways to sort or view email messages by their accounts. I’ll include instructions for 2010 and 2013; even if you need to sort by accounts, you might want to use these methods to sort by other criteria.

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Internet and IE Security: More


Stop using Microsoft’s IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

In a rare move that highlights the severity of the security hole in one of the Web’s most popular browsers, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team and its British counterpart tell people to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can fix it.


It’s not often that the US or UK governments weigh in on the browser wars, but a new Internet Explorer vulnerability that affects all major versions of the browser from the past decade has forced it to raise an alarm: Stop using IE.

The zero-day exploit, the term given to a previously unknown, unpatched flaw, allows attackers to install malware on your computer without your permission. That malware could be used to steal personal data, track online

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Nifty Password Program

I have discovered a new program that will save all of your log in and passwords, and then sync with all of your devices.

It’s free to download, but if you want the sync feature it’s $30/year.

So, if you just need it for your main computer, it would be free.

So far it seems to be working well…pretty intuitive.

Here is the link:

Pat Sonnenstuhl, webmaster

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5 Online Scams To Be Aware Of This Christmas

The holidays are a dangerous time. It’d be nice if the season of cheer was all happiness and joy but, unfortunately, there are malicious people out there who will capitalize on your good spirits to scam you out of a lot of money. If you think you’re safe from scams just because you’re safe at home behind a computer screen, think again.

The basic idea of a scam is always the same: trickery and deceit. We’ve covered this topic before with subjects ranging from Craigslist scams to free gift card scams toonline marketing scams. The difference here is that people tend to drop their guard during the holidays, resulting in emotional vulnerabilities that can easily be exploited.

Keep these tips in mind and stay alert, or you may end up regretting it.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Dealing With Email Spam

Here’s one more reason for everyone to hate Mondays. They’re supposedly the busiest days for email spam, that frustrating stream of unsolicited emails about weight loss, Viagra, million-dollar lotteries, and what not.

It might be next to impossible to stop spam completely, but it’s certainly possible to reduce its flow to a trickle. We have already covered ways to tackle Facebook spam ,Twitter spam, and spam from friends. In this post, we’ll tell you how to control email spam.

Unfortunately, the option to stop unwanted emails from piling up in your inbox is not available as a one-click solution. It is more of a bunch of different measures that you can take as part of your Web usage. We have outlined some of the important ones below.

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Four email types that can drive you crazy

People have distinctly different ways of doing things — even something as simple as emailing. Here are four types that can drive you crazy.

I’m all about communication. To me, any attempt at communication is better than nothing at all. But, having said that, there are a few ways of emailing that can grate on the recipient. Here are four of them:

The doctoral candidate

This group is the polar opposite of the Gen Y’ers who are accustomed to texting with word shortcuts like “u” for “you.” Though admirable for their need for absolute clarity, the Doctoral Candidates send the kind of email you dread opening. Their emails include greetings and salutations, the complete history of the issue at hand, and a request for a reply that stops just short of a self-addressed stamped envelope.

I know I sound like a real tool dissing the politeness of such emails, but, as it is with everyone else on the planet right now, my time is tight. If your email requires CliffsNotes, I’m likely not going to welcome it.

The stream-of-consciousness emailer

You know this kind of email. It’s the I-guess-he-knew-what-he-was-saying-but-I have-no-idea-what-he’s-talking-about kind. This is the person who is so intent on getting down the thoughts that flitter through his brain that he doesn’t take into account how the recipient will perceive the message. I don’t mind the occasional run-on sentence, but if your emails require the employment of a secret decoder ring, then you might want to flesh them out a bit. And say what you will about proper punctuation, but a missing or misplaced comma can make a big difference in meaning. (There’s a big difference between “Let’s eat, Grampaw!” and “Let’s eat Grampaw!”)

The out-of-context puzzler

My job requires that I communicate with about 50 freelance contributors and roughly 100 billion PR people. At least once a day I get an email from someone that simply says, “Do you still need that?” or “What did you think about that issue?” I don’t care if I had a petabyte memory chip lodged in my head, there’s no way I can remember the context of every message I get without a little background reminder.

The emotive emailer

Have you ever gotten an email that is so full of formatting (!) that you’re EMOTIONALLYexhausted by the time you finish reading it?!! Or ones that contain keyboard emoticons that you’ve never seen or heard of? I’m really not up on the art of keyboard hieroglyphics, so I’m likely to interpret a laughing emoticon as a screaming one. And that can make a big difference. Also, I think human beings should be given a finite number of exclamation points to use in their lifetime and no more.Do you have a kind of email type that irks you? If so, then share.

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Five free Gmail-friendly email desktop clients

Email is the single most important element of daily work life; without which we would be less-than-efficient. We rely upon email to communicate, send files, schedule, and much more. Every company depends upon different solutions for email – some use Gmail. For those that depend upon Gmail, the browser interface may not be the ideal interface to work with throughout the day. For those wishing to have a more standard email client, you’re in luck. I have found five efficient, user-friendly desktop email clients that interact with Gmail.


No more will you have to depend upon a browser-only interaction with your email account. Let’s take a look at these five clients and see if any of them can stand up to your demands. Each of them offers a different feature set; but all of them tackle the most important task – email. Spela på casino med roulette strategi

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