Adobe Password Security

I received a letter from Adobe letting me know that my email address and encrypted Adobe password were found in the list of stolen Adobe accounts.  Adobe sent an email to me with instructions on how to obtain my Adobe password as well as everyone else’s password hint who used the same password.  They strongly recommend

  1. Visit to change your Adobe password.
  2. Check if you have re-used your Adobe password or username on any other websites and if so, change those passwords as well.

The LastPass security challenge can assist you in doing so.

  1. Enter your Adobe account email address below to find out if your personal information was leaked.  If we find that your information was leaked, the we’ll show you your Adobe password hint.
  2. Check if your Adobe password hint lowers the strength of any passwords you have to any websites you use.  If so, change those passwords too.

My recommendation as well…always keep an eye on your banking statements, credit card charges, etc. Glenda Reed

Updated: November 26, 2013 — 6:07 pm

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