Month: April 2014

Internet Explorer Security Problem


Most of you may know this, but I just heard on the radio that IE is not safe to use right now. I think it’s versions 6-11, with most likelihood of being targeted–versions 9-11.


The security hole was discovered over the weekend and they said MS will likely be trying to get a fix distributed this week.  However:  they didn’t know if MS would do a fix for Win XP….since they aren’t supporting it anymore; maybe not.

You can download and install Google Chrome or Firefox to use until IE is fixed….or you could uninstall or disable Adobe Flash–since that is apparently where the vulnerability is.


Sr. Dorothy


Special reminder for Linux SIGs and LinuxFestNorthwest

The next TAPCUG Linux SIG meeting is Apr 29, 2014 (5th Tuesday) 5:30 PM at the SE Tacoma Community Center 1614 99th St E, Tacoma, WA 98445 (normally 3rd Tuesday).

The next OMUG Linux SIG meeting at the Olympia Center is May 13, 2014 7 PM (2nd Tuesday). LinuxFestNorthwest is April 26-27, 2014 in Bellingham, WA.

Below is the flyer for LinuxFestNorthwest.

For details, see


APCUG – Notice of 2014 Annual Meeting

Notice To All Member Groups (OMUG is a member Group)

 The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) will hold it’s 2014 Annual Meeting on Saturday May 3rd. The online meeting will start at 4:00 PM Eastern Time and is being held in conjunction with our 2014 Spring Virtual Technology Conference. Reports about your organization will be presented for your benefit. All member groups are urged to attend.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, you will also be registered to take part in the 2014 Spring Virtual Technology Conference, where you will be able to attend presentations on subjects like Photoshop Elements, Printers and printing, Windows 8.1 and more, given by leaders in the user group community. For more information on the conference, please click here.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

David Steward

Secretary, APCUG

Pro tip: Completing the Windows 8.1 Update procedure

As you know, on April 8th, the same day that Windows XP died, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Update. While the update primarily appears to be geared to making the operating system easier to use with a mouse, it also includes some security and performance updates. Furthermore, Microsoft is requiring that you install this update in order to receive any future updates for Windows 8.1.

Unlike the update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, which came from the Windows Store, the Windows 8.1 Update comes from the Windows Update system. As such, chances are pretty good that your Windows 8.1 system already has a reference to Windows 8.1 Update in Windows Update system. In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 Update procedure.

The Complete article, step by step process.

OMUG Linux SIG Tuesday May 13th

We are covering the basics of Linux for those who would like to know how to use the Linux desktop to do thing like email, browsing, document creation … , and for those who want to see how to find help for commands that you might use to do directory listing find files, use text editors that work like notepad.

  • the things you need to know to replace XP as it quits working.
  • making script files that are like dos batch files. (.bat)
  • and where the programs are located in the Menu (like the start button in windows)
  • the SIG is at the community centre at 7:00pm.
  • We can show you Zorin7 that is arranged like XP desktop.


John Wickliffe

Heartbleed Bug

  • Heartbleed – What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability is making headlines around the world – and misreporting in the press and online is causing confusion. How can you stay safe and ensue your personal details aren’t leaked?

What Is Heartbleed? Well, It’s Not A Virus

You’ve probably heard Heartbleed described as a virus. This isn’t the case: in fact, it is a weakness, a vulnerability in servers running OpenSSL. This is the open source implementation of SSL and TLS, the protocols used for secure connections – those that begin https:// rather than the usual http://.

The Heartbleed SSL vulnerability is making headlines around the world – and misreporting in the press and online is causing confusion. How can you stay safe and ensue your personal details aren’t leaked?

  • The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

  • This article is excellent. it lists the programs affected by the Heartbleed-Bug, and the ones that need password changes.

“Emergency repair disks for Windows: Part 1

“Emergency repair disks for Windows: Part 1

By Fred Langa on April 9, 2014 in Top Story

When your PC won’t boot from its hard drive, you might be dead in the water — unless you’ve created a bootable emergency repair disk or drive.

Repair disks don’t simply get PCs started; they also include tools that might fix what’s wrong with the system. And creating a repair disk takes just minutes.

Rescue-disk options for all Windows versions

There are various ways to create self-contained, emergency, boot/repair disks. With Win7 and 8, creating excellent repair discs is quick and easy. Vista and XP also offer repair disk–creation tools, but the process takes a bit more effort.

There are also numerous third-party boot disks — both free and paid — that work with all versions of Windows. The best of these have repair and recovery options that far exceed Win (.…) “

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