Month: January 2014

10 Word defaults you can customize to work the way YOU want

Change a few key default settings in Word and you won’t have to make the same tweaks over and over.

Word does a good job of assuming how the average user works, but some of Word’s default settings can be annoying and inefficient. Some users don’t know they can permanently change these settings, so they continue to reset them for each new document or just struggle along. Users should consider resetting the following defaults to work more productively. Of course, there are more defaults to set; feel free to share your suggestions in the discussion below.

10+ dos and don’ts for using Office templates

If your attempts to use Office templates usually leave you feeling stumped and frustrated, read these expert tips to gain a better grasp on how to use them.

emplates are one of Office‘s least used and most misused features. Office templates aren’t particularly intuitive, and misunderstandings regarding their proper use hinder users. On the other hand, once users finally get it right and experience an increase in productivity, they’re hooked. These tips will help you generate and apply templates correctly.

This article focuses on user templates. If you’re developing, distributing, and administering templates for a large organization, you probably won’t learn anything new. However, you can share these tips with the users you support and perhaps thwart a few troubleshooting headaches down the road.

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Pro tip: Replace SkyDrive with Libraries in Windows 8.1

Learn how to move SkyDrive and reinstate Libraries as the primary location for accessing documents and pictures in Windows 8.1.

If you sign in to Windows 8.1 with a Microsoft Account, you discovered that Windows 8.1 has moved Libraries to the sideline in favor of SkyDrive. I suppose this is probably a great thing for all the folks who hated Libraries from day one, but what about those of us who have come to depend on the Libraries feature? Plus, a lot of Windows 8.1 users have been encountering difficulties with SkyDrive.

I’ll describe two ways to move SkyDrive to the sideline and reinstate Libraries as the predominant location for accessing your documents and pictures.

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