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Dear OMUG Friends,

We had a turnout to our meeting on March 9 of 17 people, of whom 16 were members.

The motion to dissolve OMUG was not approved, with more than 2/3 of the members present at tonight’s meeting voting to not terminate our corporation. Many of our members were not in attendance for a variety of reasons.

OMUG will continue for the time being in its current form, and we will be discussing our future over the next few months.

We are now looking for members who would be interested in serving in leadership positions within OMUG:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Webmaster.

If you are interested in working in a leadership capacity for OMUG, please let us know.  We are asking for nominations for the election which will be held at the next general meeting on April. 13, 2017.

Please send nominations to me, djaqua@comcast.net, , even if it’s a self-nomination.

Thanks much to everyone who turned out tonight even though the weather was abysmal!  We had great discussions.

Best, Deb Jaqua OMUG President

Questions about OMUG ? Contact Deb Jaqua at djaqua@comcast.net

Location: Olympia Center

Olympia Center

222 Columbia Street NW

Olympia, WA 98501

Join our MeetUp for details, and to stay in touch. 

Olympia Computers Meet-Up

More about the Reflector and Sharing with others

Board and Meeting Minutes

Olympia Center

222 Columbia Street NW

Olympia, WA 98501

The Olympia Microcomputer Users Group (OMUG) is an volunteer, non-

OlymugLogo2profit organization proudly serving the needs of the computer user community in the south Puget Sound area of western Washington since 1986.   We now spend time on other devices as well as basic computers.

OMUG Contact information: cnmpat@comcast.net

Where and when we meet 

What is the Reflector ? It is a way of communicating with others in the organization.  If you are an OMUG member, and not on the reflector, please contact me and I will put you on:  cnmpat@comcast.net

Here is our Membership Application  Dues are $30/year. This supports our work, our programs. 


OMUG Olympia Group Page


Explore OlyMega: https://www.olymega.org/ 

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