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Happy New Year from OMUG

Please join OMUG for its January 12, 2017, general meeting starting at 7 pm, at the Olympia Center.

The presentation for the evening will be from John Gerecht about Photography, mostly emphasizing digital photography, including by cell phone.  He will answer your questions about lighting, lenses, and PhotoShop, and also offer suggestions about how to manage all those old slides and photos that sit in many of our closets!

John has been conducting monthly workshops about photography for a couple of decades.  His personal focus is  portraits, some fashion, and some “sexy”, but he is knowledgeable about many kinds of photography and its many accessories and gadgets.

Bring your questions, your camera, and some printed examples of your efforts if you wish.

Don’t forget:  we give away a door prize at each general meeting, but you must be present to win.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 12th at 7 pm.  Please plan to arrive prior to 7 pm so that you don’t miss any of this informative and fun evening!  There will be snacks…

Do you have a computer-related question or topic you’d like to know more about?

Please email me with your ideas, or send your questions to the Reflector.

Deb Jaqua: OMUG President pro tem: djaqua@comcast.net

General Meetings usually  2nd Thursday @ 7 pm

Questions about OMUG ? Contact Deb Jaqua at djaqua@comcast.net

Location: Olympia Center

Olympia Center

222 Columbia Street NW

Olympia, WA 98501

Join our MeetUp for details, and to stay in touch. 

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Board and Meeting Minutes

Olympia Center

222 Columbia Street NW

Olympia, WA 98501

The Olympia Microcomputer Users Group (OMUG) is an volunteer, non-

OlymugLogo2profit organization proudly serving the needs of the computer user community in the south Puget Sound area of western Washington since 1986.   We now spend time on other devices as well as basic computers.

OMUG Contact information: cnmpat@comcast.net

Where and when we meet 

What is the Reflector ? It is a way of communicating with others in the organization.  If you are an OMUG member, and not on the reflector, please contact me and I will put you on:  cnmpat@comcast.net

Here is our Membership Application  Dues are $30/year. This supports our work, our programs. 


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